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A Global Walk for Harriet Tubman (From Anywhere)

10 de marzo de 2022 a las 9:00 am - 10 am

NOTA: Click here to sign up for this virtual event directly.

On March 10th, GirlTrek’s one million members will lead the largest “moving tribute” to Harriet Tubman in history.

All around the world, Black women will stop everything and walk 2.22 miles for Harriet Tubman’s 200th birthday. They will walk for freedom and healing for Black women worldwide. 

Black women are facing real threats to their very lives. The average life expectancy of Black women globally is 65 years old. In 2022, Black women are dying at higher rates than any other group of women on the planet. GirlTrek has studied and understands the root causes - exhaustion, chronic stress, exploitative labor, deep loneliness,  generational trauma, and systemic injustice. 

This is a crisis in plain sight and no one is talking about it.

We say “no more!”

We are the daughters of Harriet Tubman and we will never ask permission to save our own lives.

Join GirlTrek, America’s largest health movement with over one million members, as we step out to pay tribute to our hero by putting feet to our prayers for total healing.