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Provide free tax preparation for your community

Catalyst Miami offers free tax preparation services for households earning $64,000 or less annually. We are looking for volunteers to help clients file their taxes and claim every dollar they deserve! 

Sign up by completing the form on this page. Then, we will email you a calendar invite to reserve the time for the virtual training dates you chose.

Why volunteer for this rewarding opportunity?
  • With your assistance, your community members can avoid expensive tax preparation fees and improve their financial futures.
  • You will learn accounting and finance skills, and receive specialized tax prep training from an IRS-certified volunteer, all which you can add to your resume! 
  • You will become recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Volunteers are protected. You will not be accountable for errors as long as you are preparing within your certification level.
A few friendly reminders and announcements:
  • All tax volunteers must be certified before volunteering. The training prepares you for and helps you to complete the volunteer certification. By the end of the training series, you will have everything you need to pass the certification.
  • Aquí están los materials we'll use in our tax training sessions, in case you want to get familiar before the training begins. Please save questions about these materials until then. 
  • This year, we are planning to continue our fully virtual tax prep that we launched last year. That means we will still continue to work with clients over Zoom and you will be able to assist clients from the comfort of your own home. (There will be in-person tax prep volunteer opportunities available this year and the ability to complete returns on your own time schedule if interested.)