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Preserve Our Local Governments

The Local Ordinances Bill (SB 170) allows businesses to sue our city and county governments over ordinances that the businesses deem arbitrary or unreasonable. In turn, our local governments would be blocked from enforcing these ordinances, and local taxpayers would have to cover the legal fees for these lawsuits. 

Local elected officials live in the same communities as their constituents, their children attend the same schools, they shop at the same stores, use the same businesses, etc. Their insights into the issues facing their communities place them in a unique position to effect positive change through local ordinances. SB 170, if passed, would hinder their ability to use their valuable insight to implement the right solutions for their communities.

During the 2022 legislative session, the same bill (then filed as SB 280) was vetoed by the Florida governor. However, the bill has been re-filed for 2023 and is being supported by corporate interests.