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Proceso de limpieza y saneamiento


Catalyst Miami will implement increased cleaning and sanitation efforts on all project sites: 

  • We will have hand sanitizer stations in all entry points and common spaces.
  • Offices that receive high amounts of traffic will also have a sanitizing station nearby.
  • We will have an automatic hand soap in the kitchen to avoid bacteria spread.
  • All hallways, common areas, and offices with high traffic will have signs to encourage social distancing and mask usage.
  • Each office will have disinfecting supplies to ensure their area is clean.
  • Extra masks will be available in the waiting room, in case there is a visitor without one or a staff member in need of one.
  • Mask requirement, social distancing requirement, and capacity limit signs will be visible throughout the office.
  • Care packages will be distributed to every staff and will include: mask, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant supplies.
  • Each office will have clean and used pen stations.
  • All staff will be required to sanitize desk and chairs after visitor/client use.
  • All offices has been set up following CDC recommendations.