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Cohorte de la fuerza laboral

The Building Prosperity Workforce Cohort aims to help people transition into full-time, living-wage jobs. Each cohort member is placed with some of Miami's top workforce programs offering employment training and opportunities. As they each go through their programs, they also meet monthly as a group to share their learnings and support each other—receiving $50 for each group meeting they attend. 

NOTE: The cohort is now full. If you're looking for employment or professional development, please check our partners,, and view this Workforce Navigation booklet with more resources. 

Cohort members will:

  • Gain professional development skills from different workforce programs.
  • Connect with employment agencies in Miami.
  • Meet monthly as a group to share their experiences.
  • Receive $50 for each group monthly session they attend.


  • Increase the number of people transitioning into full-time employment positions.
  • Motivate participants to seek out more opportunities.
  • Increase equity and decrease barriers to employment opportunities.
Shannon Charles · 786-414-1309