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Need health insurance or already have Medicaid? Important info inside.

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This message is for anyone who needs health insurance or already has Medicaid. Please forward it to others or share this link:

Need health insurance?

You may be eligible for a low-cost or even free plan under the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. At no cost, our Certified Application Counselors can explain your options and enroll you in a plan during the Open Enrollment period, which begins November 1.

Even if you don't think you qualify for health insurance, programar una cita virtual by December 15, 2022 with one of our coaches so we can explain all your options.

If you have Medicaid or CHIP now:

Medicaid rules have changed. Everyone must renew this year, even if you qualify — or you may lose your coverage.

To protect your coverage or your child's coverage, take the important steps listed at Our certified coaches can help you find other insurance or affordable, quality care.

Watch a quick video explainer of all this:

Thumbnail of YouTube video explaining important information about health insurance and Medicaid. Click to watch the video.




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